How long will it take?

I am not use to sharing my feeling at blog but only talk to myself.

Times fly....It forces me to face lots of things I have never thought.

It's obviously that making a  good communication with people is quite difficult.

Feeling of lonely is not a scaring thing to me, instead, misunderstanding with someone else will definitely strike me down.

Mostly I think, what if I won't concern about anything like this, maybe, things will get better itself.

Yeah......It should go this way.

Sometimes when we touch, 

the only thing we need is to smile to each other.

A smiling could be the best connection between us.

A sliming could easy build us a friendship.

I am so hope won't need to involve any gossip and somethings bad.



Sometimes when we touch, just let me still be myself.

Sometimes when we touch, just accept who I am  

                                                                                        Winnie Huang  
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