Whoever Finds This, I Love You

On the quiet street in the city
  A little old man walked alone 
Shuffing through the autumn afternoon   And the autumn leaves reminded him   
 Another Summer's come and gone
He had a long long midnight ahead waiting for June

The among the leaves near an orphan's home
A piece of paper caught his eyes
And he stood to pick it up with trembling hands
And as he read the childish writing      
The old man began to cry
'Cause the words burned inside him like a brand 
****Whoever finds this , I love you   
 Whover finds this , I need you
I even got no one to talk to  
   So , whoever finds this , I love you *****
 Well , the old man's eyes searched the orphan's home
   And came to rest upon a child       
  With her nose pressed up against the window pane
And the old man knew he'd found a friend at last  
   So he waved at her and smiled
And they both knew they'd spend the winter       
    Laughing at the rain
And they did spend the winter laughing at the rain , 
Talking through the fence ,  Exchanging little gifts they've made for each other. 
The old man wold carve toys, And the little girl would draw pictures fo beautiful
ladies from him  
And they laughed a lot.
But then one day, on the first of June,
The lttle girl ran to the fence   but the old man wasn't there. 
And , somehow she knew he was never coming beck. 
So she went back to her lttle room , took a crayon  And wrote : 
repeat *
So , whoever finds this , I love you 
So , whoever finds this , I love you
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